Why Does My Cat Bite Me

why does my cat bite me
Photo by Crina Doltu from Pexels

Why Does My Cat Bite Me

Did you know that it is not the way that you treat your cat that makes him/her bite you? It is not the first time that you pet your kitty, you have known how he/she behaves and how you respond to their behavior.

You need to determine why your cat bites you before you make any changes to your personal and/or pet life. If you think that it is because of boredom or the lack of attention, then it is time for you to determine what your kitty wants.

Sometimes, a sudden increase in excitement can make your kitty nervous and your sudden gesture can seem to catch him/her off guard. If this is the reason why your cat bites you, then you must learn to control yourself so that you do not hurt your kitty. You may use some positive reinforcement so that your cat will know that biting is not a good thing.

Your kitty’s behavior should be understood as an expression of his/her needs. Do not get upset or angry because of the behavior.

Your actions should indicate that you are in control. You should not show anger and excessive emotion.


How can I know why does my cat bite me? The best thing to do is to ask your vet, who will have answers to your questions. If you want to know why does my cat bite me, then you need to talk to your vet about the kitty’s behavior.

Cats like to look at people. This is why they like to play with humans and this is also why their behavior becomes aggressive.

What is more, cats always choose their human companions carefully. Their smell, eyes, and weight are important factors when choosing a person to play with. You must not let your kitty dominate your home.

Besides, there are times when you may have tried to make your kitty perform, but your kitty did not want to listen. You have to be very careful, since your cat is already a child.

If you do not know why does my cat bite me, you may be afraid that your kitty will be aggressive toward you. You may be worried about being attacked by your kitty, thus, deciding to do something about it is the right thing to do.

You must be sure that you know what your kitty likes, so that you can teach him/her and/or your kitty how to behave appropriately. Remember that you need to maintain order and know what behaviors to avoid.

Another interesting thing to consider is that your kitty may be trying to tell you something. Do not misinterpret your cat’s behavior, since he/she may be saying something important.