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Keeping Your Pets Safe and Healthy

Keeping Your Pets Safe and Healthy
Photo de Brett Sayles provenant de Pexels

Keeping Your Pets Safe and Healthy

You may not realize it, but pets are a lot more vulnerable to bad weather incidents and being picked up as an assumed stray than you’d imagine. There are several things you can do to keep your pets safe, out of trouble, and happy at home!

Make sure your pet enclosures are secure and big enough.

A pet likes nothing more than free space to move around and being closed up too tightly can be unhealthy. Also, you wouldn’t want a pet that needs to be closed up exploiting a weakness in the enclosure!

If it’s storming outside, don’t forget to bring your pets inside.

Some pets may not understand weather the same way that humans do, so it can be quite a scare for them.
Make sure your pets are tagged or collared if they are going to be out of the house. You wouldn’t want someone picking up your pet to call their own.

They also run the risk of being taken to the pound if they’re not collared and/or tagged.
Keep your pets healthy! This is a big one. Keeping your pet healthy is one of the most important things you can do.

Make sure you keep your pets free of parasites and common diseases. Be positive that your pets’ vaccinations are up-to-date.

Following these simple steps can assure that your pet remains safe and out of harms way. Keeping a safe, healthy environment is very important for your pet!