Rabbits as Children’s Pets

Rabbits as Children’s Pets
Photo de Anastasiya Gepp provenant de Pexels

Rabbits as Children’s Pets

Children are attracted to rabbits for they are cute and furry and of course due to the influence of the very popular bugs bunny. We often ask ourselves, are rabbits safe as children’s pets? Well, the answer to that is both yes and no.

Rabbits are safe for they are mild mannered and affectionate but they can also be potentially harmful when not properly taken care of and also remember that rabbits belong to the rodents family so they are also susceptible to diseases and even rabies.

Here are some basic information about rabbits that everyone needs to know before having rabbit as a pet:

  1. Spaying and neutering is advisable to rabbits. It extends their lifespan and prevents them from acquiring diseases. It also lowers their aggressions and mood swings.
  2. Rabbits are social animals so you need to give them much time. They can also interact with dogs and cats if introduced properly.
  3. Rabbit pellets are not enough. Rabbit needs to have fresh leafy vegetables and hay as well.
  4. Rabbits are not recommended for active young children for they may got harmed when picked or played with. Rabbits are sensitive and fragile.
  5. Rabbits likes to be near with their owners but does not like being held most of the time. The prefer to be just on the ground.
  6. Rabbits needs to be in a large cage and is safer in indoors. Safe from predators and bad weather.

Rabbits are social animals and would be a great companion and pet to your child but do not put all the responsibility to your child alone. Rabbits are sensitive and needs guidance from adults.